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Aysen Soyer LLB: On getting a divorce

Aysen Soyer is a Family Law Solicitor at Wilsons Solicitors in Tottenham. In a new series for Camden Community Radio, Aysen discusses some of the most common questions that she gets from her clients. For the first episode, she discusses getting a divorce, covering the full process from start to finish, and whether you need to consult a lawyer.

If you have any questions or comments for Aysen, you can email her on admin@ccradio.org, or tweet @CCRadio.

Package by Aysen Soyer and Violet Macdonald

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Licence2Skill: Patricia O'Malley on the new online portal for mental health

Licence2skill is a pilot project of meaningful engagement for people who suffer with mental health illness, specifically depression, anxiety and stress. The project will be a service people can use to help cope with mental health issues and manage conditions before reaching crisis point and as a tool to prevent mental health deterioration.

Patricia O’Malley, founder of The Regency Training Foundation, discusses the history of the initiative and the new online learning Portal.

Package by Violet Macdonald.

# 2018-03-24 by CCRadio | Information about local services | Communities

Healthwatch Camden Reports on local Care Homes

Anna Wright tells how Healthwatch Camden was about to use its powers to visit and check on the quality of local care homes when it heard that ‘Independent Age’ was keen to develop indicators to help ordinary people to assess the quality of care homes they might think of using. The resulting collaboration was so successful that Independent Age is recommending that all MPs get their local Healthwatch to inspect and report on their local care homes using the eight quality indicators that they have developed.

Package by: Marian Larragy

# 2017-12-05 by CCRadio | Information about local services | Everything

What Does HealthWatch Camden Do?

Frances Hasler of Healthwatch Camden explains how Healthwatch supports local people in improving services. By finding out what the priorities are for improvements in the provision of health and social care services, Helathwatch Camden then works to get things changed. Recently Healthwatch Camden helped the users of mental health services in Highgate to explain to Camden Council and to service providers what was wrong with the way that they were re-organising services. The work of Healthwatch Camden can influence future service provision on other issues as well.

Package by: Marian Larragy

# 2017-10-06 by CCRadio | Everything | Information about local services

Life After Hummus

Eating healthily is important for our bodies and our wellbeing. We all know this. But what if you are told by a doctor to lower your levels of cholesterol? Or that you should eat a high-fiber, low-fat diet? Do you know what meal you would go home and cook? Farrah Rainfly of Life After Humus runs healthy eating classes that teach people what a truly nutritional diet looks like.

Package by: Freddy Chick

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