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Transformation & Sustainability Plans for the NHS in Camden

Healthwatch Camden thinks that it is vital that work on Sustainability and Transformation plans listen to what local people have to say. Some of the proposals seem alarmingly likely to lead to privatisation of the NHS as well as to cuts in services.

We’ve found a link to survey from NHS Support Federation on Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships

# 2017-12-05 by CCRadio | Everything | News and Current Affairs

Homelessness: a fair system?

Since one of our colleagues became homeless in Camden, we have been thinking about the issue of homelessness in the borough. In this show Freddy Chick speaks to some of the homeless people in Camden about their experience of the system that is in place to help. We hear from Ian Bangay, head of Camden Safer Streets Team, the street outreach team for Camden Council.
What rules are in place surrounding the system of help and how does it work? Is it fair?
The names of the people interviewed in this piece have been changed.
Package by: Freddy Chick

# 2017-03-12 by CCRadio | Everything | News and Current Affairs

The story of London's first Mosque

AbdulMaalik Tailor (of the Camden Tour Guides Association) has discovered the location of London’s first documented Mosque. It was opened in 1895 in Albert Street in Camden by a man called Haji Mohammed Dollie.

AbdulMaalik takes us on a journey across North London as we uncover the incredible life of Haji Mohammed Dollie.

This was produced in collaboration between CCRadio and the Camden Tour Guides Association

Package by: Violet Macdonald, Freddy Chick

# 2017-02-18 by camden | Everything | News and Current Affairs

HS2 Update from Mimi and Violet

Violet is joined by Mimi in the studio. They reflect on an interview with local resident Brian Battershill earlier in the year and update on Mimi’s petition.
Package by: Mimi Rommily, Violet Macdonald, Freddy Chick

# 2016-11-13 by camden | Everything | News and Current Affairs

King's Cross Pond facing closure

Amid a sea of cranes, machinery and building noise, and a just a short walk from the railway station, lies the oasis that is Kings Cross Pond. Since it opened the pond has attracted attention from local and international swimmers, has provided a backdrop for numerous Instagram pictures and social media posts and has even been featured in a campaign by the Mayor of London.

Developers recently announced that on the 26th of October the pond will close. Charlotte Riley met with two local swimmers Ben Williams and Barbara Rich to talk about the potential loss of their beloved pond.

Package by: Charlotte Riley

# 2016-10-07 by camden | Everything | News and Current Affairs