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Hymn - a poet, a wanderer, a thinking man

Hymn came into the studio to talk to Freddy about his poetry and his journey to find enlightenment. Through tai chi and the Rainbow Gathering, Hymn turned from a destructive life. His poetry is a part of him and it is strong and immediately engaging. It is clearly born from his own hard-won experience and is a powerful expression of a self.

If you’re interested in finding out more of Hymn’s story then there is a film you can watch about him (link’s on this page) or go speak to the guy writing poetry on the pavement round Camden Town.

Package by: Freddy Chick

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Refusing To Implode Politely - Dean McKee

Zoe Stegosaurus interviews Dean McKee about his work, his motives for creating poetry, his methods and his politics. Poems included: Ogmios, Whisper, Fatherless Generation and The Trainline Poem.

Package by: Zoe Stegosaurus

# 2016-07-04 by camden | Everything | Poetry

Refusing To Implode Politely - Kate Epps

Refusing To Implode Politely interviews musician Kate Epps. Zoe and Kate discuss film, feminism and bedroom pop, and Kate’s forthcoming EP (which, as you’ll hear, is likely to be called ‘Valentines’, but that may change…). Featuring the songs Smile, Pandora, Fire and Ice and Spin.

Package by: Zoe Stegosaurus

# 2016-06-11 by CCRadio | Everything | Poetry

Angela Inglis - Two poems

Flight from Srebrenica, July 2005
Tavistock Square, July 2006

Poetry read and composed by Angela Inglis

Introduction: Marian Larragy

# 2015-10-21 by camden | Feed icon Comments (0) | Poetry | Everything

Angela Inglis KX on Stanley and Culross Buildings

Stanley Buildings and Culross Buildings were part of nineteenth century architectural heritage at the rear of King’s Cross station. Angela Inglis wrote about them when it became clear that they would be sacrificed to ‘regeneration’. The retained segment of Stanley building sits next tot he German Gym, opposite the entrance to St Pancras Station at Pancras Road.

Poetry & Reading: Angela Inglis
Introduction: Marian Larragy

# 2015-10-21 by camden | Everything | Poetry