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What Are they saying about the 8th Mrs Brown?

This piece was inspired by the fictional TV character Mrs Brown, which is set in Finglas, in North Dublin. A Finglas resident wonders what the people there think of the 8th amendment to the Irish constitution (which gives equal right to life to the foetus as to the pregnant woman), which is the subject of a referendum on 25th May. Taking a trip down memory lane and reviewing the hardships that putting the foetal hearbeat ahead of women’s health caused in Finglas (and all over Ireland). This audio was originally developed for a Speaking of IMELDA performance in Ireland in 2016.

The referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment to the Irish constitution and clear the way for permitting abortion up to 12 weeks takes place on 25th May. For more information, see the attached links

Package by: Marian Larragy

# 2018-05-06 by CCRadio | Everything | Drama | Society, Culture & History | On Women

Interview with Natasha Langridge on In Memory of Leaves

Martin speaks to Natasha Langridge, whose show In Memory of Leaves comes to the Camden canal from the 11th-14th of October.

Written in the wake of her home on the Wornington Green Estate in Kensington being demolished, Natasha Langridge’s monologue explores what happens to communities when they are moved from their homes. It follows her getting arrested with Occupy Democracy and volunteering in the refugee camp in Calais. It is personal and bracing; a love note to neighbours and a revolutionary call to the world.

Natasha Langridge is a Meyer-Whitworth award winner for Shraddha which was performed at Soho Theatre. She is also an actress and is co-author of Rage and Reason Women Playwrights on Playwriting. Her writing and directing credits include Beverley (UK Tour), Breathing in Brixton, The Method (Oval House London) and Worthing Whispers (Pavilion Theatre Worthing).

Tickets: inmemoryofleaves.brownpapertickets.com

Package by Martin, edited by Violet

# 2017-10-08 by CCRadio | What's On in Camden | Society, Culture & History | Communities | Arts and Entertainment

Anne Curtis Green Curtain Theatre

Green Curtain Theatre seems to have released a whole lot of creativity, including the winner of the London Short Play Award this year. Anne Curtis talks about the ideas behind the theatre, its recent work and future plans.

Package by: Marian Larragy

# 2017-09-09 by CCRadio | Everything | Society, Culture & History

Glorious Life Chorus at British Museum

Interviews with SGI-UK a lay Buddhist organisation (SGI Soka Gakkai- literal translation Value Creation Society) Members, who share with us their reasons for chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, and their experiences over time, of the transformative effect of this vocal practice, for peace.

Package by: Beverly L Richards

# 2017-07-15 by CCRadio | Society, Culture & History | Arts and Entertainment | Everything

Islington Survivors Network

In the early 90’s Islington was rocked by a scandal of abuse in its kid’s homes. The victims of that abuse are still seeking justice and answers for what they suffered.

Dr Liz Davies was the social worker for Islington who originally blew the whistle on the abuse scandal. She left the council and since then has been working with survivors of the care homes, forming the Islington Survivors Network. Jo from CCRadio is one of those survivors. She spoke with Liz and Jane about the abuse and the work the Islington Survivors Network are doing now.

Package by: Jo and Freddy

# 2017-07-14 by camden | Everything | Society, Culture & History