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Rani Bilkhu, founder of Jeena International talks with Lisa Giessauf

8 podcasts were made as part of the International Media Training Day for women, held in London on 25th & 26th April 2012 – organised by Frauen Solidaritaet and Central American Women’s Network, with Camden Community Radio.

There are links to each of the other podcasts, links related to this podcast and links related to the training programme organisers.

This is an interview with Rani Bilkhu, founder of Jeena International, a non- profit organization in the UK. Jeena empowers women and young people via empowering workshops with topics like car maintenance and driving lessons. The main focus is to underpin women’s rights and gender equality. Rani is talking to Lisa Giessauf, a student from Austria who is working for the feminist radio group “Women on Air” from Vienna.

This interview was recorded as part of International Media Training event in London, April 2012, organised by Frauen Solidaritaet with Central American Women’s Network

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