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Interview with Natalie Bennett: Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party in Holborn and St Pancras

The political profile of the Green Party has been rising sharply, not least in Camden where its Leader,
Natalie Bennett, is standing as a prospective parliamentary candidate in Holborn and St Pancras. The seat’s
been held by Labour’s Frank Dobson for more than 30 years but he’s now standing down. The constituency is
on the Green’s list of its top 12 targets and Natalie Bennett says she’s going all out to win it. She took some time
from the campaign to speak to Camden Community Radio’s reporter, Ann Carroll.

The full list of candidates is:
Natalie Bennett, Green Party
Will Blair, Conservative Party
Jill Fraser, Liberal Democrat Party
Vanessa Helen Hudson, Animal Welfare Party
Shane O’Donnell, Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol
David O’Sullivan, Socialist Equality Party
Maxine Spencer, UK Independence Party
Keir Starmer, Labour Party

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