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Talking Shop: Is Camden one of the best places to live in the country?

In a recent survey, Camden was one of three London boroughs named as one of the best places to live in the country. The study looked at areas across England and ranked them on factors such as economic growth, sustainability and happiness. In this first episode of Talking Shop, Marian, Freddy and Violet discuss whether they agree with the findings.

Talking Shop is a new show from Camden Community Radio which sees members of the station looking at a news story from a local perspective.

Package by Freddy Chick, Marian Larragy and Violet Macdonald.

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Healthwatch Social Media Campaign for 6thFormers

Healthwatch Camden plays an important part in ensuring that service providers hear what sort of health care local people want. Young people are the focus of a social media campaign that Healthwatch is running from 23rd-27th April. Based on a joint project with 6th form students in Camden, videos available on Instagram from 23rd April, will explore the three top health issues for school students. Lindi Maqhubela of Healthwatch Camden talked to Camden Community Radio about how the campaign will run, why it matters and about how Sixth form students created content and designed the campaign.

Package by: Marian Larragy

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Licence2Skill: Patricia O'Malley on the new online portal for mental health

Licence2skill is a pilot project of meaningful engagement for people who suffer with mental health illness, specifically depression, anxiety and stress. The project will be a service people can use to help cope with mental health issues and manage conditions before reaching crisis point and as a tool to prevent mental health deterioration.

Patricia O’Malley, founder of The Regency Training Foundation, discusses the history of the initiative and the new online learning Portal.

Package by Violet Macdonald.

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Inside the Camden Town Shed

The Camden Town Shed was one of the first examples of the Men’s Shed movement from Australia to arrive in the UK. It was started by local man Mike Jenn and is based in the Maiden Lane Community Centre. It is a den of ingenuity and creativity and source of fulfillment for many of the men (and women) it serves.

Package by: Freddy Chick

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Interview with Natasha Langridge on In Memory of Leaves

Martin speaks to Natasha Langridge, whose show In Memory of Leaves comes to the Camden canal from the 11th-14th of October.

Written in the wake of her home on the Wornington Green Estate in Kensington being demolished, Natasha Langridge’s monologue explores what happens to communities when they are moved from their homes. It follows her getting arrested with Occupy Democracy and volunteering in the refugee camp in Calais. It is personal and bracing; a love note to neighbours and a revolutionary call to the world.

Natasha Langridge is a Meyer-Whitworth award winner for Shraddha which was performed at Soho Theatre. She is also an actress and is co-author of Rage and Reason Women Playwrights on Playwriting. Her writing and directing credits include Beverley (UK Tour), Breathing in Brixton, The Method (Oval House London) and Worthing Whispers (Pavilion Theatre Worthing).

Tickets: inmemoryofleaves.brownpapertickets.com

Package by Martin, edited by Violet

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