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Camden Newscast March 2014

Freddy Chick presents Camden Newscast. We have news of women fighting for control of their bellies tolling the bell at Irish Diaspora Conference; a report from the first of a new series of monthly family fun days at Maiden Lane Community Centre; a detailed look at whether Olympics funding for team sports is being slimmed too far and we talk to Camden Buskers who are taking to politics as their court bid fails to support their efforts to keep live music in the streets.

Features by:
Freddy Chick
Marian Larragy
Ann Carroll
Nikita Chulani

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Camden Newscast, January 2014

Louise Morris returns with her second international news bulletin reporting on Spain’s recent proposal to further change abortion laws and Latin America’s restrictive abortion laws. On Uganda’s homosexuality bill changes, as well as Russian Feminist protest group Pussy Riot’s recent release.
Camden is set to be one of the boroughs that is severely impacted by the HS2 high speed railway proposals, over 200 homes and the iconic Camden Lock bridge are under direct threat of demolition. Freddy Chick talks to Councillor Phil Jones and Martin Sheppard from the Pan-Camden HS2 Alliance about the impact to Camden’s residents and businesses.
WAC Arts celebrated their 35th birthday on the 8th December 2013 Lillie Almond went along to the celebrations and spoke to WAC Arts CEO Celia Greenwood and former students, including Ms Dynamite. Alumni of WAC include actresses Marianne Jean-Baptist, Sophie Okenedo, Musician Courtney Pine and of course Ms Dynamite.

Features Editor & Presenter: Sarah O’Brien
Features by: Louise Morris, Freddy Chick and Lillie Almond

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Camden Newscast 21

Camden council are seeking to license buskers in the borough but The Association of Street Artists and Performers (ASAP!) founder has vowed to fight the restrictions in court. Nikhita Chulani speaks to Jonny about this issue alongside local residents, Councillor Abdul Hai the Cabinet Member of Community Safety for Camden and Conservative Councillor Jonny Bucknell. Cyclist deaths have again hit the news and Freddy Chick discusses what can be done to improve safety with Camden Cyclists’ Jean Dollimore who heads the Camden Cycling Campaign. The first international newscast via Louise Morris focuses on the recent elections in Honduras and the current political climate, especially how this effects the lives of women in Honduras.

Features Editor & Presenter: Sarah O’Brien
Features by: Nikhita Chulani, Freddy Chick and Louise Morris

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Russian LGBTQ Asylum Seeker faces Deportation

Ira Putilova has been detained today by UKBA officials. Ira is an LGBTQ person from Russia who is currently claiming asylum in the U.K for her own safety. In Russia she was harrassed, followed, and attacked, by state officials, the police and Neo Nazis because of her political activism and LGBTQ status; if she is returned to Russia she is likely to face torture, detention, and potentially death. She was taken to Yarls Wood Immigration Removal Centre and may face imminent deportation. Her campaign asks everyone reading this to spread the word about Ira and her situation, and to contact groups or people who might be able to help. All and any actions of support/solidarity are greatly appreciated by Ira and her Friends.

Read by: Marian Larragy

MONDAY 9.30PM _ Facebook Page Reports that Ira has been released!!!! There are other LGBTQ asylum seekers still facing deportation to places that are not safe for them.

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